Design Notes: 1988 Pontiac Grand PrixPontiac’s fifth-gen Grand Prix

Do you remember an old post in which I showed this picture? I initially didn’t say what it was but left it as a brief mystery.

I did eventually reveal that it was an early design sketch of the Pontiac Grand Prix for 1988, but also said that I’d planned to share the rest of the pictures I had for this car. That was last September and now I’m making good.

Mid-size excitement… for six?
The following pictures don’t reveal anything stunning but interestingly give credence to yet another prior post. Take a look at these two undated pictures of renderings.

This first one, particularly the rear half, reminds me of the 1992 Grand Am coupe’s design.

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix design sketch

This second rendering is interesting because it has certain traits that tie in with a previous post about a Motor Trend article that caught what appears to be a fifth-gen Grand Prix mule out for testing.

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix design sketch

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix mule from Nov 1985Notice the prolonged side rear window and rounded rear end on this mule. I could never make sense of how those features fit into the final Grand Prix’s design but these pictures seem to indicate that the design team was favoring the rendering above.

This following picture is of an early full-size clay model. Notice the over-sized “GP” label positioned front and center, and semi-concealed headlights that did not make it to production (reportedly for aerodynamic considerations).

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix early full-size clay

Also , even though I’m sure it’s there, the low-set grille appears to be missing Pontiac’s trademark split.

This next model was made as the Grand Prix’s final proposal and is guised up in SE trim.

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix final proposal full-size clay

This next picture is of an early interior drawing that is labeled “6 Passenger X Limited” and, as you may have guessed, has room for six passengers. The seating in the proposed design manages to look rather sporty too.

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix interior early sketch

These last two photos I have from the Grand Prix’s development are of a mock up of an early interior proposal. They aren’t the greatest quality once enlarged but differences from the production model are still clearly evident.

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix interior early mock up1988 Pontiac Grand Prix interior early mock up

Below is a photo of what the production Grand Prix looked like for the 1988 model year.

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix