Playing ‘spy’ photographer
Motor Trend - 1992 Crown Vic spiedFirst, this image to the right was in Motor Trend’s always cool Detroit Report section, from October, 1989.

I was aghast when I first saw this picture fearing it represented some sort of quick and dirty update. Thankfully it wasn’t; more likely some sort of mule for testing air flow requirements for cooling.

From the cowl back it’s clearly a 1979-91 LTD Crown Vic but everything forward of the windshield appears custom or cobbled from the then-new tenth-gen Thunderbird.

1992 Ford Crown Victoria 'spy' picSo, imagine my surprise when, only months later, I see the not-yet-introduced car parked along side the highway.

I’d not seen any pictures of the car so complete so it tripped the perpetually-running, automatic vehicle-processing center in my head.

It appeared to be entirely unattended so hung a U-turn and parked. My thoughts were to take pics and send them to Motor Trend for publication but, being young, I never got around to it. A few months later, very similar pictures started cropping up in all the magazines.

1992 Ford Crown Victoria 'spy' picYou can see the engineers made light-hearted attempts to cover the mule, mostly blocking the Ford badging from sight. Since that model is old news at this point, there’s nothing really shocking in these shots now. I just thought it would be cool to see the spy shots that stayed a secret.

Below, you’ll find a small gallery of pictures. Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions.

1992 Ford Crown Victoria 'spy' pic1992 Ford Crown Victoria 'spy' pic1992 Ford Crown Victoria 'spy' pic1992 Ford Crown Victoria 'spy' pic1992 Ford Crown Victoria 'spy' picMotor Trend - 1992 Crown Vic spy pic

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