Great conversation and great food

Okay, I owe an apology to everyone for not making good on the posting I anticipated over the weekend. Besides performing unseen maintenance on and research for the website, there’s another reason.

Quite a few weeks back I was contacted by an associate editor from a pretty significant automotive website. He was very complimentary of my work, and has since submitted some material for a post and commented on here more than once.

We finally met face-to-face yesterday.

To avoid the potential of violating contractual conflict of interest agreements, he has asked to remain anonymous and I obviously will honor the request. However, that doesn’t prevent me from extending a thanks.

While we knew we’d both be in Detroit last week (he attended the North American Auto Show’s press event), we sort of figured it would be hard to meet up out there with our busy schedules.

The next opportunity that presented itself was yesterday, for lunch. We met at a quaint little Mexican restaurant and while the food was good the conversation was great; the lunch meeting ended up lasting for several hours. We happen to speak the same language fluently: cars.

Apart from generously bringing me some press kits from the 2013 NAIAS (since I missed that event) and a copy of a quarterly magazine (future issues in which his writings will appear), he had several thoughtful tips for me to get more involved in the industry.

Anyway, hopefully everyone understands the reason for the post delay and I would like to say thank you to [undisclosed name] for your compliments and wonderful conversation.