A dream come true

When I first mentioned my awesome opportunity, I couldn’t have dreamed for anything more. Little did I know the first would be followed by another.

After two days of nightmarish travel-planning frustration (including five hours of failed Priceline negotiations and a burned out monitor), I finally have my round-trip plane tickets, a rental car (economy class), a hotel room, and a two-day itinerary that dreams are made of.

You mean there’s more?
This all started with an email I received around a week before Christmas from Mr. Ruzzin. In it, I was extended an invitation to an invitation-only party in Detroit that will be attended by some very important people, such as “designers from all over the world, including VPs, Directors of design [and] Willie Davidson.”

The prospect was simultaneously thrilling, humbling and daunting. My dilemma, which may not have been made clear in my original post on this topic, had to do with my ability to procure the means by which my travels would be facilitated. In other words, money.

With that conundrum resolved, it was time for a rather untraveled individual to navigate the labyrinth of making travel arrangements. In case you didn’t already sense my displeasure with Priceline, I will only say that they didn’t make things any easier for me. I’ll leave it at that.

A night’s sleep, some ibuprofen and a fresh approach made the incredibly confounding process merely confounding. But I will say that Hotels.com was service and price agreeable. (That is an experiential statement, not a sponsored one.)

So what’s this bonus activity I’ve been so giddy about? Anybody that read Jacob’s comment in the original post will have a good idea. See, General Motors keeps a closed-to-the-public stock pile of historical vehicles–both production and prototypes–at their Heritage Center. It is located roughly 20 miles due north of the Bankle Building, where the party takes place. (That building is less than two miles north of the Renaissance Center.) Considering I live well over 2,000 miles west of these sites, I’ve tried to make the most of the trek.

I hadn’t mentioned the Heritage Center possibility in the first post because the idea seemed barely dream worthy. And, without firm plans set to travel east, I didn’t yet want to ask GM if I could get in to gaze upon their treasures. After things firmed up over the weekend, however, I sent my GM contact an email on Monday letting him know I’d be in his neck of the woods in a week and requested a chance to meet him and possibly get inside the GM trove.

He replied the same day and, to my head-spinning astonishment, it included the words “Tuesday 1/15/2013 is PERFECT!” In case you’ve gotten lost in my wordiness, plainly stated I will be visiting the GM Heritage Center in all of its historical automotive glory.

That means I will be face-to-face with vehicles that I grew up staring at in books and magazines, dreaming about and wanting to see from every angle. I suppose the closest thing I could compare it to is a devoted celebrity groupie getting an invite to visit the home of their lifelong-revered star.

Anyway, I apologize for not having posted any new interesting car stuff for several days but with my plans now established and set in motion (and a new, bigger monitor), I can refocus my attention. Besides, I’ll probably need to keep busy so I don’t crack-up with anticipation before next week.