Happy New Year!

Happy new year! I hope everyone has a very happy and prosperous 2013.

Probably the brightest spot of 2012, for me, was starting this blog. March 25, 2012 was the day I published my first post. That means it’s been just over nine months.

In that time some interesting things have happened and I owe thanks to many: General Motors (John, in particular), Chrysler and Ford for granting me the privilege of media status; Mr. Dick Ruzzin for graciously enduring interviews and even writing guest posts; people that have linked my work to other sites (incredibly appreciated 98 REGENCY); Jacob for providing material for a post about a Cadillac; Johnny (commenter Johnny D) for providing material (none posted yet); and, of course, all of the various source material that I cite. (Not least, my parents for their encouragement and more.)

I’d also like to thank the people that come here to read my writings, particularly those that take the time to express themselves with a comment. Happily no moderation has been required, so thank you for being respectful.

In case anyone is interested, below are some facts about the site:

  • There were 168 posts published last year (plus two that were temporary, such as Asteroids)
  • In September Google searches became the top referrer of traffic to my site, currently accounting for just over 35 percent; other search engines account for an additional 10 percent
  • Out of the top 50 most searched keywords that led to my site, the first was “autos of interest” (7.5 percent), the second most popular was “autos of interset” (3.9); also “autosofintrest” beat out “autosofinterest”
  • The operating systems of the computers used to view the site were dominated by Windows (71.3 percent), followed by Macintosh (13.6), third place went to “unknown” (11.6), with fourth going to Linux (3.2)
  • The browser breakdown had Firefox in first (42.7 percent) followed by Internet Explorer (21), Safari (10.4), Chrome (9.7), Mozilla (2.1), Android (1.8), Opera (1.4) and IPhone (0.1)
  • The United States was overwhelmingly the primary source of my traffic at 84 percent while 4.1 percent came from Canada, Russia provided 2.3 percent, followed by Germany, Belgium, China, Japan, etc.
  • As of midnight last night, my site showed a total of 34,141 visits and 465,401 pages viewed
  • My daily traffic nearly tripled over the last two weeks of 2012

Here’s to an even more interesting 2013!