The First Avenue monument

Double Take: 1968-71 Lincoln Mark IIIMy parents still own the same house I grew up in. Ever since I was young I remember seeing this car parked along First Avenue, just blocks away.

It’s still there. Of course that translates to many, many moons having passed overhead and this Lincoln has gradually deteriorated under the ravages of the elements. Overall, however, it’s in fairly good condition.

Duct tape and dents
1968-71 Lincoln Mark III front left closeThis Lincoln is a Continental Mark III which, if I’ve done my research correctly, means it would be between a 1968 and 1971. To be more specific than that I’ll need a specialist to intervene.

Personally, I think it is a very sharp-looking design. Remember, this is coming from a Cadillac fan but I recognize beauty when I see it. While I generally equate traditional luxury cars with large, I think one of this two-door’s best attributes is its apparent compactness.

1968-71 Lincoln Mark III rear left closeI say apparent because it looks that way despite having a wheelbase just under ten feet long. It’s hood was also reportedly the longest in America at the time, measuring six feet. But those are great dimensions to be working with for a personal luxury coupe.

Its power was pretty impressive too. (Again, I’m venturing into unfamiliar waters so please speak up if I’m mistaken.) It had a 460 cubic-inch V-8 that produced 365 HP. To me, the whole thing just comes across as an interesting package.

I mentioned above that its overall condition was pretty good and it is. But there are obvious signs of long-term outdoor exposure.

The paint, which could conceivably be original, is mostly there but already engaged in the erosion process, just at different stages. I presume it has developed leaks over the years because duct tape is used liberally around the roof and windows, and the passenger door has a pretty large dent in it.

1968-71 Lincoln Mark III front left far

But you know what? For being around four decades old, never being garaged and apparently driven all that time, it looks great. (I have seen that spot empty before and the low amount of debris built-up around the tires would indicate it is moved at least occasionally.)

1968-71 Lincoln Mark III front right

Although I’ve had these pictures for several weeks now, the car was on my mind today. So I wanted to post them. Because of that haste, I didn’t get a chance to request factory images from Ford but I did find one image on their media site; it’s in the gallery.

It would have been nice to provide some pictures of the interior because it is pretty impressive too. Rather advanced for its time, especially the overhead lighted warnings for seat belts, door ajar, headlamps (what am I missing on that one?), and trunk lid.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at this piece of personal history that dates back in my memory, oh at least thir–…heheheh. Let’s just leave it at a long time.

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