As do many people, I have a love/hate relationship with spam filters. When I first started this site, I had read that many bloggers disable comments due to the overwhelming attention they require.

I thought that was ludicrous; receiving feedback is a lot of fun. But as the volume started to pick up, I could see their reasoning. While I have no intentions of closing the comments on such a robust community, I thought I’d give a little background as to why you may experience a brief delay before your input shows up. (And use the opportunity to cover some other related topics.)

As of this writing, there are 213 approved comments, not including my 123 replies. To give you a sense of the work my spam filter service is doing, it has blocked 747 spam posts since being initiated only a few months back.

The down side to that time-saving service is that some legitimate comments will occasionally get wrongfully snagged. Today, after digging through pages of junk, I rescued four more comments that had mistakenly been caught by the spam filters over the last few days; my apologies if one of them was yours.

If you’ve commented and are not seeing it appear immediately, please feel free to email me at

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their wonderful participation and apologize if I do not respond to all of the comments. It is not a reflection on the value of the comment but rather an indication of how busy I might have been at the time it came in.

Another thing I’d like to express gratitude for is all of the people that have graciously shared links to my site on other websites. I can usually see and track them, even without being told it was done. (A very special thanks to 98 REGENCY who has shared my work on multiple occasions, at multiple sites.)

While my viewership is nothing remotely close to some of the big dogs (e.g., GMI News recently reported 1,000 unique views per hour), it is climbing and has exceeded numbers I thought yet possible. For example, since my first post at the end of last March, there have been:

  • 22,760 visits
  • 338,511 pages viewed
  • 21.95 gigabytes of bandwidth utilized

So, again, thank you everyone for your participation and/or willingness to share my work with others. (And please don’t forget to occasionally visit sponsoring ads that appear useful to you; they are the sole measly income from this site.)