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Design Notes Lite: 1994 Cadillac AllantéI received an email earlier in the week with some jpg attachments. It was from a reader named Jacob and he was graciously offering to share some pictures.

He had attended a Concours back in 2006 and one of Cadillac’s engineers had been on hand. That engineer brought along a couple of photographs and a small clay model.

Two Caddys and a what?
Okay, I love these types of pictures–behind the scenes, that is–and thanks to Jacob, we’re all checking out a few more.

1989 Cadillac AllantéCadillac’s Allanté was introduced for the 1987 model year (1989 model shown right) and was discontinued after the 1993 model. But that doesn’t mean Cadillac hadn’t, at one point, been planning some changes; reportedly for 1994.

Although the Allanté would seem to have been due for a total redesign by 1994, the clay model pictured below appears to be more of a refresh.

1994 Cadillac Allanté clay (photograph)The dim ambient lighting and surface of the pictures being photographed conspired to create an unavoidable glare in a couple of the images. However, the important stuff is visible.

As you can see, the majority of the design stays intact. To me, it comes across as being very similar in application to the refresh that the 1995 Eldorado received; smoothed bumpers front and rear, and simplified detailing.

Plus, this model has some slightly altered headlights and a smoothed grille surround. I think it would have been a great update, if not a little overdue. I wonder what was in store for the interior? And if any changes were planned under the hood.

Below are two pictures, front and rear, of what was described as an early XLR clay. The overall shape seems to be there.

undated Cadillac XLR clay front and rear

Interestingly, from the rear angle you can see into the interior which reveals some of the methods used to construct it.

In the gallery, there are a few extra angles of the clay and photograph that are portrayed above. The two pictures below not only include the Allanté and a full size XLR clay (seemingly still being constructed), but also a curiosity.

While I was examining one, something in the background stood out to me and it ties in with a previous post; I’ve indicated it with the red arrow.

1994 Cadillac Allanté and XLR clays (photographs)

Another piece to an unrelated puzzle
Below, is an enlarged area from the referenced area in the picture above.

undated (late 90s) Tahoe two-door prototypeIf I’m not mistaken, that looks like a GMT800 (early 2000s) Chevrolet Tahoe two-door roofline.
By now you’ve seen the picture below so you know I’m not spinning conspiracies. It is from a post I did on August 4th of this year entitled, Old News: At Least They Tried. Man, I love a good automotive mystery.

1999 Chevrolet Tahoe two-door prototype

Before I go off in another direction, I would like to once again thank Jacob for his valuable contribution to the website. I hope I did your pictures justice.

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