1990 full size modelIn picture 11, the design is mostly locked in. Mr. Ruzzin said these pictures were taken before they had finished putting the mockups on.

Something I noticed that would change before production is the trim surrounding the headlights. On the production model, the lights fill the frontal area between the bumper and hood, and between the grille and the outer edge of the car.

1990 release modelThe car shown in picture 12 is what’s referred to as a release model; it was finished sometime in 1990.

Mr. Ruzzin said its grille is carved from wood; the body panels are covered with a material that makes it look painted; and the headlights are a printed graphic that is applied to the model making them appear to have depth.

One of the last changes they made to the car can be seen between the models shown in pictures 11 and 12, at the rear side glass. Mr. Ruzzin points out that the angle of the rear door’s frame, at the C-pillar, is quite extreme in the earlier model shown in 11.

That form over function design element caused concerns it could limit the ease of entry for some of their older clientele. The designers really liked the way it looked but ended up compromising and moving the top of the doors’ openings back, by about three-quarters of an inch. That change only affected the angle of the rear doors; the car’s rear window angle was not affected.

interior mock upPicture 13 is of an interior mockup. Most everything looks in place but the steering wheel is clearly different.

There are larger versions of these pictures, and several more, in the gallery which is on the next page.

Thanks to Mr. Ruzzin for his participation.

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