Photo Gallery

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1982 SN8 Mustang model front right1982 SN8 Mustang model profile right1982 SN8 Mustang model rear left1982 SN8 Mustang GT model front right1982 SN8 Mustang convertible sketches1983 SN8 Mustang running prototype rear left1983 SN8 Mustang running prototype interior left1983 ST16 Mustang sketch front left1983 ST16 Mustang sketch profile left1983 ST16 Mustang sketch rear left1983 ST16 Mustang interior sketches1984 ST16 Mustang full size clay model1984 ST16 Mustang full size clay model rear left

Video Gallery

Below are two videos; one is a test from when the car was introduced (source: TestDriveJunkie), and the other is a commercial for the new car (source: YoutTube MrClassicAds1980s).

TestDriveJunkie: 1988 Ford Probe Test Drive

Ford Probe (Car of the Future) commercial 1988

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