2002 GMC Terra4 concept rear tail and side gates openAs you can see to the right, the bed can be accessed from either side by lifting up the rear quarter panels. There’s also the tailgate, which obviously folds flat, and this seemingly ingenious slatted, folding tonneau-type cover for the bed.

I was unable to obtain a picture of the bed cover in the closed position but in the gallery there is a sketch with some arrows that try to indicate how it works. In the gallery-sized photos of the bed you can see tracks running along the inside of the top of the bed. It appears the slats stack vertically toward the cab. That would seem to work much better than the hinged-type tonneaus which do not accommodate tall items very well.

2002 GMC Terra4 concept interior dashOn the inside, GMC wanted to ensure the habitable space was every bit as comfortable and attractive as it was functional. The surfaces are covered with brushed stainless steel and leather.

The dash is clean and features analog gauges with amber, soft glow lighting and digital “display technology […] inspired by the rugged, functional timepieces worn by divers and pilots.” The simple yet thoughtful interior has an almost art deco vibe to it, particularly at the center stack on the dash.

Another shape that I like on the inside are the door handles. They are large, U-shaped pulls that look downright tempting to use. In some vehicles I have to contort my wrist to pull the exit handle. Unfortunately, I was only able to get this one picture of the interior; however, there are some sketches in the gallery.

2002 GMC Terra4 concept front rightMotivating Terra4 is GM’s 5.3-liter, 285 HP V-8 gasoline engine and a 4.8-kilowatt motor/generator, making it a hybrid. GMC stated a 15 percent improvement in mileage for the engine yet suffered no reduction in towing capacity.

A side benefit of going hybrid and adding the electric motor is that Terra4 features a pair of 110-volt, 20-amp electrical outlets that can be used with electrical equipment that utilizes a standard three-prong plug.

2002 GMC Terra4 concept profile left

The last feature I want to highlight is Terra4’s four-wheel steering system, called Quadrasteer. It became optional on GM’s production full-size trucks for 2002 and could angle the rear wheels as much as 12 degrees, in percentile relation to the angle of the front wheels, and also affected by speed.

As with many four-wheel-steer vehicles, at high speeds, the four wheels turn in parallel thereby providing better control of the vehicle during lane changes and on sharp curves. At low speeds, the wheels turn in opposition, substantially shortening the turning radius.

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