In the name of marketing

End of the Road - No RespectI don’t think it would ever occur to me to deface a nearly 50-year old car as a means to draw attention to a cigarette shop.

Someone did and and it caught my attention.

What a waste
1966 Ford Thunderbird billboard front three-qtrAlthough the car caught my attention and enticed me to stop, I don’t smoke so it didn’t generate any business for the shop that hatched the idea–but I took pictures.

I was driving home from my storage unit and saw the poor classic sitting at parking lot’s edge having been relegated to the life of a billboard.

The car is a fourth-generation Thunderbird. I’m no expert on Thunderbirds but from what I can tell, it is a 1966 and I believe it to be a Town Hardtop model.

1966 Ford Thunderbird billboard front three-qtrIf it is indeed a 1966, that means there were less than 70,000 of them produced. While that quantity wouldn’t be described by anyone as limited or rare, the car is nonetheless almost half a decade old.

How often do you see one of these on the roads anymore?

I could be wrong but, unfortunately, I believe this bird to be grounded. There was no rear plate, the tires were pretty old and saggy looking, and there were some well-established weeds growing underneath it.

Besides that, the interior (which I didn’t photograph because I didn’t want to appear I was casing it) was loaded with random ‘stuff’, despite appearing to be in decent condition.

1966 Ford Thunderbird billboard rear

[Edit: I’ve been meaning to update this post since it doesn’t appear the Thunderbird is at the end of the road after all. (See the follow-up shot below.)

1966 Ford Thunderbird gone

I’d driven by this location a couple of times late at night and noticed the spot was empty, that meant it was moving. Today I happened by the area again and had my camera, so I snapped the shot of the vacated parking space.

This doesn’t alter my opinion that the classic is getting no respect by being used as a billboard but at least it implies the car is still in use.]

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