January 1962

Marketing Material - 1962 Chrysler 300H adWith only 570 produced for the 1962 model year, Chrysler’s 300-series automobiles are not only powerful but quite rare.

Echoing that fact, this one is advertised as, “A rare kind of car for a rare kind of man.”

Rare treat
1962 Chrysler 300-H adChrysler introduced their 300-series car in 1955 as the C-300. After that, the model was renamed each year with a successive letter to commemorate annual changes.

For the second model year, 1956, the name was altered to begin with “300” and be followed by the letter designation, starting back at “B.”

Chrysler’s original 300-series was produced for a grand total of 11 model years, ending in 1965 with the letter “L.” The letter “I” was skipped because, from what I could determine, Chrysler believed it could be confused with the number “1.”

From 1962 until 1971, Chrysler produced a non-lettered 300-series that was positioned below the lettered series (and was the sole 300 variant from 1966 through 1971). From 1999 through 2004, Chrysler produced the 300M, a high-performance front-wheel-drive sedan. Starting in 2005, Chrysler reintroduced the 300 as the high-performance 300C and again based it on rear-wheel-drive architecture.

The original 11 years of 300-series models represented a low-production, high-performance Grand Touring car. This 1962 300-H was equipped with room for four in leather bucket seats, a full set of gauges including a tachometer, power steering and brakes, and a 380 HP V-8 engine.

Assuring prospective buyers that their car is a “rare treat,” the ad closes with the line, “Obviously, Chrysler doesn’t pour this one into a mold and rush it down the line. And wouldn’t try to if it could.”

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1962 Chrysler 300-H ad

1962 Chrysler 300-H ad