November 1959

Marketing Material - 1960 Pontiac adI’m going to take us way back to the late 1950s for this ad.

Pontiacs hadn’t yet adopted their signature split grill but their advertising slogan already included a well-known and long-used phrase:

Pontiac, the only car with Wide-Track wheels.

Made for enthusiasts
Marketing Material - 1960 Pontiac adThe ad describes this 1960 Pontiac as, “without question,” the “most provocative package of road machinery ever to bear the respected name of Pontiac.”

The ad further describes 1960 Pontiacs as exhibiting “a clean, classic look that has even the most avid customizers nodding their approval.”

Foregoing any sense of humility, Pontiac continues characterizing its product as, “total artistry in automotive design . . . shaved and sharp in keeping with this car’s capabilities.”

I’d agree with that assessment. Even though Pontiac’s mainstream offerings were completely redesigned for the 1959 model year, 1960 proffered a major facelift.

Fulfilling their performance promises, they entice prospective buyers with their “unmatched” Tempest 425 power plant with “Tri-Power”.

For 1960, all Pontiacs were fitted with a version of their 389-cubic-inch motor. Described as “finely honed” and “the industry’s most respected production V-8,” they ranged in output from a frugal 215 HP to an impressive 348 HP on the Tri-Powered Bonnveilles.

When mated with Pontiac’s exclusive “Wide-Track Wheels,” the ad says, “you’ve got the most exciting and road-wise passenger car you’ve ever hustled or handled.”

Below is a color picture of a 1960 Pontiac Bonneville convertible, the same model shown in the ad. Pricing for that car started at $3,476, however, a more economical convertible, the Catalina, could be bought for a starting price of $3,078.

1960 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible

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