January 1980

1980 Laser 917 Kit Car adKit cars were apparently all the rage in the 1970s and 80s. And, most of them seemed to be a perfect fit for old Volkswagen chassis.

The Laser 917, particularly with bowling ball glitter finish as shown in this ad, looks about as discoed-out as a car could get. Not my thing but they definitely represent the time period well.

Silhouette of a legend
Porsche 917The Laser 917 was intended to appear like Porsche’s 917 race car that debuted in 1969 and raced in Le Mans until 1973 (and had a brief resurrection in 1981, before a wreck forced withdrawal).

The Laser 917 was engineered to bolt “easily” to the chassis of an unmodified, full length VW (except Super Beetle) or Karmann-Ghia.

1980 Laser 917 Kit Car adThe ad describes the car as “beautiful,” “wild,” “exotic” and “unique.” At least I agree with the unique part.

In an effort to tempt prospective buyers, the text continues, “You have the inward pride of knowing you drive a distinctive automobile. Pride too because you are its builder, its creator. That pride will swell just a little bit every time you and your car are admired–often.”


The kit car’s technical engineering manual and construction guide was available for $27.50 (refundable upon purchasing a full kit) and included over 500 photos of every assembly step.

There is a larger version of the ad, along with a video of one driving, on the gallery page.

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