Sanctuary-like interior
2007 Buick Riviera concept interior sketchThe Riviera concept’s interior was reportedly developed using diverse influences such as classic Buicks, ancient Chinese artifacts, and modern electronic icons. Designers drew inspiration from outside the automotive industry seeking out classic concepts, shapes, and artifacts. One inspirational example is the yuanbao which is a small curvaceous ingot used in ancient China as currency. Today, the yuanbao is popular as a symbol of ancient Chinese prosperity.

2007 Buick Riviera concept interior pass sideThe rich blue and subtle cream colorings were meant to represent “earth and water”. Royal blue Alcantara (a plush, suede-like material) covers the door, console and non-glass portions of the roof, while sandy-white leather covers the lower door, lower console, and seats.

Hard or sharp edges were studiously avoided to aid in a relaxed and tranquil interior ambiance. Lending to a lounge-type environment is the interior’s lack of start/stop points between the front and sides.

The roof is formed by two shaded glass windows which increased headroom and provides a “celestial connection” for occupants.

Reducing the potential for driver distraction are electronic shift pads and minimal controls. The speedometer is three-dimensional in appearance and an LCD display screen caps the center console.

2007 Buick Riviera concept interior dash
The touch pad-styled central console was loosely modeled after a computer mouse. Interior designers were encouraged to consider people’s personal belongings so as to enhance their feelings of familiarity in the cabin.

2007 Buick Riviera concept interior lit upAs with the exterior, the interior is a veritable light show. Ambient light strips are applied across the console and inserted into the door liner, reaching around the front seats. The same “icy green” light color used on the exterior is used for the interior not only in recognition of bygone Buicks, but also in a deliberate attempt to imitate the color of Chinese jade stone.

2007 Buick Riviera concept interior rear consoleDressing up the interior are aluminum tri-shields in the headrests, wooden—yes wooden—rear floor mats, and a rear central armrest that can be adjusted to the left or right to accommodate passengers of varying sizes.

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