December 1976

1976 Bradley GT adDoes anyone else remember this car? I think I saw one or two of them on the road when I was a kid.

The Bradley GT was a kit car based on the chassis of a Volkswagen.

Cool idea.

You’ve made your mark
1976 Bradley GT adThis car was a do-it-your-selfer’s exotic. The ad provided an order slip that could be cut out and mailed in with $1 for a brochure or $7 for an assembly manual.

The ad closes with the question, “You’ve made your own mark. Isn’t it time to make your own sports car?”

I’m not sure how many were made but between the GT, GT II, and Scorpion, they appear to have been produced from the early 1970s until around 1980.

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1976 Bradley GT ad

1976 Bradley GT ad

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