July 1980

Old News: X-carmmunicated ConceptIf you are suspecting something abnormal is going on at the rear half of the car in this picture, you’re suspicion would be correct. Or, I’m becoming too predictable.

I posted on the 2nd of last month about an old spy picture of a never-produced Chevrolet Citation wagon variant.

Even though not planned this way it is rather fitting that, roughly a month later, I’m posting about another never-produced Citation variant.

This is one that was maybe best left at the concept stage of development.

Knee-jerk reaction?
Economic recession, high gas prices and ever-constricting government emissions mandates were themes etched into the minds of auto manufacturers entering the 1980s.

For many decision makers, a downsizing of their product line seemed the safest waters to head for. Although risky at times and not always bearing good fruit, GM plunged into the deep end attempting to stay at the forefront of the downsizing trend.

As part of that quest, they explored myriad possibilities, many unconventional and some with the intent of replacing traditional products.

1980 Chevrolet Citation pick-up conceptAs you’ve no doubt already seen, to the left is a picture of a Chevrolet Citation with a pickup bed at its rear.

This is not a hack job by some Schmoe. Rather, Chevrolet had Fisher Body create it as a styling exercise for evaluation.

Mums the word
Speculated to be a possible 1982 El Camino replacement, reports from the time stated Chevrolet wouldn’t confirm its production potential. However, what they did say was, “it has no resemblance whatsoever to what will be available in 1982.”

While we know the Citation pickup didn’t happen, based on those words, it leaves room to question just how seriously it was considered.

After all, that wasn’t Chevy’s last car-based, front-wheel-drive pickup concept. A couple of decades later they were evaluating the idea again: 1992 ASC/Chevrolet Lumina Z34 El Camino Concept.

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1980 Chevrolet Citation pick-up concept

1980 Chevrolet Citation pick-up concept

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