Jack of all trades

2012 Scamander prototypeMany auto manufacturers have sought out that holy grail of engineering and design that can singularly deliver functionality that caters to vastly different demands.

While the modern SUV probably offers the most diverse range of capabilities, from trail blazing to commuting, there is one thing the Scamander does that none of those mass-produced multi-taskers can.

There’s a hint of that capability in the vehicle’s name.

Sports car, off-roader and boat
2012 Scamander prototype in waterAccording to Greek mythology, Scamander was a river god.

The reason that is significant in regard to the subject vehicle is because it is not only quick, and capable of climbing treacherous terrain, but it is also water-worthy.

Conceived by the late Peter Wheeler, an automotive enthusiast and prior owner of British sports car company TVR, it was hoped to one day be used as a rapid response vehicle for emergency crews, as well as for recreation. Its go anywhere design would make it ideal for the job.

Motivating the amphibious machine is a 3.0-liter V6 engine, sourced from Ford. It produces 275 BHP and 250 pound-feet of torque. Connected to a four-speed automatic, it has enough push to deliver performance that’s reasonable relative to its size.

It can hit 60 MPH in roughly eight seconds and reach a top speed of 120 MPH. That’s pretty good considering it weighs just over one and a half tons and can climb over a mountain or swim around it.

2009 Scamander prototypeAs can be seen in this photo to the left from 2009, the first prototype utilized paddles attached to the rear wheels to propel itself in the water.
The following video is of that prototype venturing into the water. Based on the excitement upon floating, it comes across as either its first test or one right after something major was changed. (The video quality is poor for the first few seconds, then it improves.)

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