The styling concepts
1972 (late) LaSalle by Cadillac conceptCompleted during the winter of 1972-73, this early proposal was named LaSalle.

This car is one of the proposals with a fastback design.

The skirted rear fenders didn’t make it much past this concept.

1972 (late) LaSalle by Cadillac conceptThe rear of the LaSalle concept looks nothing like the 1975 production model, however, slightly hints at the 1980 redesign.

Unlike the 1975 production Seville, the LaSalle had clear visual connections to other cars from the 1970s.

1972 (late) LaSalle by Cadillac conceptThe LaSalle concept wasn’t named just “LaSalle,” but rather “LaSalle by Cadillac.” Fear of possible negative connotations was the primary reason why the name was not selected.

1973 Cadillac La Scala sedan conceptTo the left is the 1973 LaScala concept (also spelled “La Scala” in some documents; however it was more common without the space).

This sedan has a far more familiar face and notice the rounded wheel openings.

1973 Cadillac La Scala coupe conceptAbove is a picture of a LaScala coupe concept. Even though reports indicate that plans for a coupe were scrapped fairly early, this model would imply the idea survived until at least 1973.

1992 Cadillac SevilleMost intriguing about the LaScala concept is its face and general shape which seem awfully similar to the fourth generation Seville which bowed for 1992–nearly two decades later.

In closing, I would like to quote Mr. Mitchell on the subject of designing the Seville, “We never moved from the sheer look, as finely detailed and as sharp, crisp as possible. We put round wheel openings on because we’ve overdone wheel openings recently, and we avoided kooky tail lights. We felt we were designing for someone with very conservative tastes, the kind who doesn’t change his lapels with every new fashion.”

I’d say the production car hit that nail on the head.

Mr. Mitchell continued, “We have no plans to face lift it.”

And indeed they did not. Apart from a new luxed-up Elegante model, for 1979, Seville looked essentially the same for the entire model run.

Then, 1980 brought about major changes. But that’s another post.

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