Well, I worked all night but didn’t finish. So, today’s post will be delayed.

I just didn’t want anyone thinking that there’s a lack of interesting cars for me to write about, or nothing is going on with the site. Quite the opposite on both fronts.

I delayed a post last week because, after finding out more in the course of research, I decided to turn two mere side notes into individual posts of their own.

1975 Seville tiny teaserWith regard to today’s post, it was difficult for me to make the decision to just save a draft (so I could get some overdue sleep) but it will be for the better. I will have more energy and whits to do it justice. The category is Design Notes and the topic is the 1975-1/2 Cadillac Seville. Some real neat stuff there (pictures of two concepts and lots of behind the scenes information).

This coming week should provide several exciting posts, starting with the Seville.

On the goings on front, I traveled to Los Angeles yesterday for a post topic and got some incredible pictures and information. Also, this weekend I will be setting up a presence on Facebook so hopefully word of the blog can spread further.

SN4 mystery pic tiny teaserIn the mean time, I thought it would be fun to see if you can guess what year, make, and model this concept to the left is. The name is rather bizarre.