Advancing through the model years
1983 Chevrolet Celebrity sedan front three-qtrFor 1983, Celebrity was virtually unchanged (notice the carry-over half-grill in the photo to the right). Incidentally, my parents owned a 1983 Celebrity CL four-door while I was in high school. It was a very nice car from my memories.

1983 Chevrolet Celebrity sedan rear three-qtrNotice in the image to the left, for 1983, the Celebrity’s six-block tail lights are all red, except for the clear reverse lights.

1984 Chevrolet Celebrity eurosport sedan adFor 1984 visual changes to the Celebrity lineup were minor. The most noticeable change to set it apart from the 1983 model was the enlarged, full-height grill. At the rear, tail lights were unchanged from the 1983 model.

That year would see the absence of the mid-size Malibu and Celebrity would get more attention. Four engines were available (a four-cylinder, V-6, high-output V-6, and the diesel).

Complementing the engine range were two new transmissions, for a total of three. There was the standard three-speed automatic and an optional four-speed automatic that could be mated to either of the V-6 engines. Also new for 1984 was a four-speed manual transmission that could be mated to the four-cylinder or high-output V-6.

1984 Chevrolet Celebrity eurosport sedanTo the left is the, newly-optional for 1984, Eurosport package. Apart from the blacked-out trim treatment, it received firmer suspension and the high-output V-6 as standard. The package cost approximately $200.

1984 Chevrolet Celebrity wagonFor 1984, another variant of the Celebrity joined the line-up to round out the offerings. Shown to the right is the station wagon model that could be had in any of the trim levels, including the new Eurosport. The only thing that the wagon was denied was the four-speed manual transmission.

1985 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport sedanThe 1985 model year brought about few changes. Visually, the model is identical to the previous year’s. The high-output V-6 motor received port fuel injection; however, with marginal changes to output.

(Don’t worry, we’re closing in on the subject car.)

1986 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport front three-qtrThe 1986 model year was an exciting one for Celebrity. It would not only receive a substantial exterior freshening but also surpass the Cavalier as Chevrolet’s best seller with over 400,000 units moved. Further, a couple of Celebrity concept cars would be displayed to herald the VR package.

Like the 1982 and 1983 model years, the 1986 has unique characteristics to tell it apart from older and younger models. Notice on the Eurosport model, above right, the new, trimmer front end; this is the only year the trimmer style would utilize four, square headlamps. Also notice the parking lights have been reduced in size and reside in the bumper, rather than stacked beneath the headlamps.

1986 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport rear three-qtrAt the rear, the tail lamps have been tidied as well. Notice there are only three blocks, as opposed to the prior six. The reverse lamps have been moved from within the tail lamps to positions that flank the license plate.

1986 Chevrolet Celebrity Classic conceptOne more non-VR note, the Celebrity sedan shown to the right is actually a prototype for the Classic model. The model would have a “formal roof treatment” (i.e., padded vinyl) and wire wheel covers (not shown here on the prototype). This model was readied in an effort to be prepared for the throngs of buyers looking to downsize; a general prediction that GM largely overestimated.

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