Auto destruction

If I were a car, I don’t know which ending would be least preferable, rotting away slowly in a junkyard or being mangled to a pulp within minutes. I recently touched on the former in a post titled End of the Road: Auto Graveyards. Today, I’m posting on the latter.

Over time, I’ve stumbled across some YouTube videos that I found quite entertaining to watch. Here, in this post, I’ve linked to ten such videos that I thought worthy of sharing. (No situations whereby people were harmed.)

auto destruction compilation

YouTube, the incredible time killer
YouTube logo time passI try to stay away from YouTube merely because it seems to thrust me into an alternate dimension in which time passes exponentially faster in reality than it does in my mind. In other words, like when I was a kid watching cartoons on a Saturday morning, I find myself clicking from one video to another while real life passes me by.

The problem for me, being a car nut, is that there appears to be a near endless reservoir of videos to hold my curiosity hostage. However, the upside is that they can enlighten me to elements of the automotive industry I would otherwise not be aware existed.

For instance, did you know that there is such a thing as an engine block shredder? I didn’t. Or how about a group of people that would crush a brand new Porsche, for the sake of art? A police dragnet of illegal street racing cars that reduces their confiscations into small cubes, as examples to would-be offenders? Or what about a couple of guys that make two incredibly powerful machines rip into a Lexus ES as if they were food-starved lions goring their first kill in days?

It’s all linked here, plus more, including the flattening of 2011 Lexus IS and Hyundai Genesis sedans. If your interest is piqued, please continue reading.

A shredder hungry for metal
When someone speaks of a shredder, the paper-eating kind probably comes to most peoples’ minds. I’ve naturally been aware of other types of shredders but had no idea what some of the larger ones were capable of devouring. Take a look at this video that shows a large bin into which engine blocks are fed almost like vegetables into a food processor.

I’m no metallurgist but I’m guessing by the way the blocks fracture, rather than bending and tearing, that they are of the aluminum variety, but I could be wrong.
A Lexus hater’s delight
1992 Lexus ESConverse to the title, this might cause disgust to any Lexus fans. Two herculean machines, one with a clamp-like claw and the other titanic steel pincers, tear at what appears to be a second-generation Lexus ES.

The video is titled “Angry Employee Gets Revenge on Boss and Totals His Automobile,” but I’m sure that’s for sensationalism and maximizing search results. (I’m guessing they had knowledge the boss would be gone for a while when these shenanigans took place.)

In any event, you can hear shouts of amusement and encouragement from some guys out of the shot. That’s probably what I would have been doing. That is, unless I had the opportunity to be controlling one of those mechanical Goliaths.

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