May 1981

May 1981 spy pictureI always thought the Citation name was in reference to a moving violation issued by an officer. Which, of course, seemed strange.

Decades later I would realize it was in reference to citing an example, not a speed demon. That made more sense.

In any event, Chevrolet had planned at least one other model than what we saw as consumers.

Continue reading to see what else they had in mind.

Extra utility unrealized
Motor Trend Detroit Report May 1981From the B-pillar back, at a distance, it could pass for a Chevrolet Malibu wagon. But as the front half makes clear, this was a Citation wagon mule.

This image is from the Detroit Report section of a May 1981 issue of Motor Trend. The magazine had an illustration prepared roughly a year earlier to demonstrate to its readers what a Citation wagon could look like. Sometime after that, they sent a spy photographer to GM’s Proving Grounds in Michigan to see what he could spot.

That spy came back with this picture.

Motor Trend played it uncharacteristically safe and predicted “unknown” potential for the model. However, they did speculate a mid-1982 introduction, should it have materialized.

(Click the thumbnail below to see the spy image in higher detail. File size is 103k.)

May 1981 spy shot Citation wagon

May 1981 spy shot Citation wagon (1000x482)

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