November 1981

1982 Cadillac CimarronEverything looked so good on paper.

In this ad, Cadillac’s marketers put together a chart to show (by the numbers), “How the new Cimarron beats the imports at their own game.”

Overlooking the human factor
Cadillac quite boldly directs readers to the accompanying “chart” to gain an understanding as to why the Cimarron should be their next car, rather than the Audi 5000, BMW 320i, Volvo GLE, and SAAB 900S sedan.

Unfortunately, it seems as though that same chart was solely used by Cadillac to guide the creation of their new entry-level offering.

Granted those other brands weren’t beacons of perfection at the time themselves, but beyond the variables on the chart, Cimarron offered little to sway import-leaning buyers from their foreign-sourced offerings.

As a sign of better times to come, Cadillac quickly implemented a good deal of improvements for 1983, and pretty much each year thereafter.

However, with Cimarron, Cadillac would be aiming for a target they ultimately never hit.

1982 Cadillac Cimarron ad (small)

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1982 Cadillac Cimarron (November 1981 ad)

1982 Cadillac Cimarron (November 1981 ad) (998x1348)

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