Time for testing and model choices
1965 convertible prototypeTo the right is a prototype undergoing testing in 1965.

1965 full size clay two-seat roadster and sport wagonThe two models to the left were considered for production but each was dismissed for conflicting with one of the car’s goals, which was to be affordable.

The top one is a two-seat convertible model and the bottom is obviously a hatchback sport wagon.

1965 prototype (Panther)The car in the photo to the right doesn’t look too dissimilar from the production model–apart from its Panther badging (visible just in front of the hood line, on the driver’s side and also printed on the license plate insert).

No rest for the weary
August 1966 full size claysEven up to one month before the first car officially went on sale, the design team was busy working on visual updates, as evidenced by these clay models photographed in August of 1966.

These were not second-generation design studies but rather ideas on how to potentially update the first generation.

January 1967 conceptual drawingsFinally, these two drawings are from January 1967, after the Camaro was already on sale, and preview traits that would show up in 1969.

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