XP-836 and beyond
1964 XP-836 full size clay modelsAfter the August 1964 decision was made by GM to move forward with development of a new car, the project was given the internal name XP-836 and its conceptual drawings and clays would start to look more familiar.

This set to the right is from 1964. Personally, I’m happy that some of the proposed shapes didn’t make it past the clay model stage.

1964 interior clayThis 1964 interior mock-up was said to have been inspired by the Corvette’s interior.

1964 full size conceptual drawingTo the right is a sketch from late 1964 that closely resembles the finished product.

Below is a GM photo dated July, 1964 in which a Camaro concept is situated between two Mustangs and, on the outer edge, a Corvair. The Camaro’s shape looks close to finished, apart from the squarish rear side windows and seemingly elongated front end.

July 1964 full size clay w Mustangs and Corvair Monza

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