The (slightly less) incredibly elusive show car

1991-92 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Concept tail lightsAfter posting about how elusive this concept is (in Part 1 of this saga, here), some more digging yielded these images and a little information.

Seeking a replacement
The Monte Carlo line of cars had been abandoned by Chevrolet, after 1988. The void was filled by the Lumina coupe in 1990. Unfortunately, Ford’s new-for-1989 rear-wheel-drive Thunderbird was outselling the bowtie two-door and Chevrolet looked to improvements in style and ergonomics, as opposed to a new rear-wheel-drive design, to re-challenge Ford in the segment.

1991-92 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Concept rear three-quarterThat’s where the subject car comes onto the scene. This conceptual return of the Monte Carlo showed up wearing fiberglass panels and a unique rear window design that reaches forward to the point of approaching the roof’s midpoint.

Unfortunately for those that have had the privilege to drive it, the side windows are fixed and the ventilation system is reported to be life-sustaining, at best. So, at least in conceptual form, the trick rear window only exacerbated the concept’s interior environmental problem.

1991-92 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Concept cockpitOn the topic of interiors, it was swathed in leather and surfaces were styled with flowing, organic lines. Buttons and accessories were meticulously integrated into the sweeping shapes, rather than looking like afterthoughts or like they came out of GM’s corporate parts bin.

1991-92 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Concept interiorRear seat occupants are treated to contoured bucket seats and a full center armrest.

1991-92 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Concept engine compartmentThe concept was motivated a DOHC 3.4-liter V6 engine that put out an impressive-for-the-time 200 HP.

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