October 1988

Continue reading...In 1988, Cadillac built a small-sized concept car that they decided against showing publicly. It used a soon-to-be familiar naming scheme. Think you know what it is?

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Candle under a bushel
In 1990, Cadillac revealed a concept car called the Aurora (a specific review of the Aurora is on the roster, so it won’t be detailed here).

Billed as the division’s import fighter, a production version of the Aurora, considered uncertain at the time, wasn’t anticipated until the 1995 model year. We now know it came in the form of the Catera, but it didn’t debut until 1997. However, for this post, I’d like to back up to a couple years before Cadillac’s Aurora made the show circuit rounds.

See, Aurora had been based on a previous concept called LSS, an acronym for “Luxury Sport Sedan.” Unfortunately for car enthusiasts, it wasn’t allowed out of its cage.

Around the time of Aurora’s splash appearance, the LSS was described by Cadillac general manager, John Grettenberger, as being only a concept, not a car. Mr. Grettenberger briefly referred to the LSS when he said it had been “scuttled” in favor of his Aurora which he called “an extension” of LSS, but had little else to say about the reclusive styling exercise.

1988 Cadillac LSS conceptThe only indication enthusiasts had about what the LSS looked like was the comparison made to Aurora, which was described as being almost a mirror image of the LSS, by those lucky enough to have seen both.
1988 Cadillac LSS concept

“Mirror image” are not the words I would have chosen. Indeed, I think they look quite dissimilar.

If anything, the LSS appears to be more handsome than Aurora, employing a tidier design.

In any event, realize that you are gazing upon a 1988 Cadillac concept that the company never publicly displayed or intended to be seen.

(Click the thumbnails below to see the images in higher detail. File sizes vary.)

1988 Cadillac LSS front (1281x638)

1988 Cadillac LSS front (1281x638)

1988 Cadillac LSS rear (1198x590)

1988 Cadillac LSS rear (1198x590)

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