Maybe if the company hadn’t failed

Old News 7This is the first non-GM product I’ve posted about but the single vehicle the company made most certainly qualifies as an interesting auto.

While the De Lorean DMC-12, with its price tag of roughly $25,000 (wholly missing Mr. De Lorean’s original $12,000 price target), offers plenty to discuss in an in-depth review, this quick look is instead about a model the company ended up not producing.

I only have one illustration but thought it was an interesting vehicle to ponder.

Are four wings better than two?

According to a report from May of 1981, just weeks before American journalists were to get their hands on DMC-12s for testing, the sedan illustrated below was understood to be the company’s upcoming second model. Considered at the time to be a generally accurate representation, the concept four-door De Lorean model was penned by Giugiaro.

The sedan was proposed to actually be built on the same platform used by the two-seat model and, despite having two extra doors, was still expected to retain the gullwing openings (an assumption supported by the door handles drawn low on the doors).

De Lorean sedan sketch

De Lorean sedan sketch