Oldsmobile’s Ninety-Eight
Even though I personally thought the Ninety-Eight was the best looking of the luxury trio, it was apparently panned as the most devoid of character. Interestingly, I even feel out of all of the concepts for the C-body, the Ninety-Eight was the best looking. Below is a clay model from November of 1979. While the two-door Cadillac and Buick models looked like their yet-to-be-released E-body kin, this Ninety-Eight sedan shares an essence of its upcoming Toronado brother in its lines, particularly in the front fender.

This illustration below is from 1979 and includes the final rear window angle, but that is about all it shared with the production model. However, notice the wrap-around glass envisioned for the windshield, a trait that would show up on this car’s 1991, all-new replacement.

Unlike the highly technical Electra dashboard mock-up, this Ninety-Eight dashboard looks far more like what was actually offered in the final product. This example is from April of 1980.

This full-size clay model of the Ninety-Eight is also from April of 1980. Just about everything is in order.

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