Buick’s Electra
Even though the corners are a bit sharper and the rear slopes forward more so than on Buick’s production car, the 1985 Electra can be seen with near-finished lines in this 1979 clay model, shown below.

To the right is one of apparently many instrument panel prototypes GM’s interior studio mocked up for Buick. This particular electronics-laden example was from 1979, believe it or not.

As with the Cadillac Fleetwood drawing that was an Eldorado harbinger, this November 1979 drawing, below, of a Buick Electra coupe provides a strong hint of the downsized 1986 Buick Riviera. The image below is, in fact, an Electra concept.

However, by the time the photo below was taken, in March of 1980, the Buick Electra’s styling was near finalized. The differences from the production model included a very narrow, low set grill that spanned the whole front, below the headlight line, and wrapped around to the fenders. Since the upper portion of the front end, where the grill would normally be, was blocked, the main grill was proposed as a gaping rectangular opening in the middle of the bumper.

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