January 1985

Did you know Cadillac’s 1980s two-seater was not intended to be called Allanté?

The highly anticipated car was just under two years from introduction when GM’s naming division made the change… after making a discovery.

Unsavory Association
The roadster’s original name was to be Callisto.

Somehow, in late 1984 — in a pre-Google world — it occurred to someone at GM that the word Callisto translates to mean “foot doctor” in not only the Portuguese language, but also in Leutonian. (Incidentally, even with Google, I was able to find only one questionable reference to a Leutonian language.)

The next time around, GM was determined to pick a replacement name that didn’t refer to any medical specialists. So, they made one up.

Allanté was a word that–according to GM’s highly capable research staff–meant nothing but was phonetically just right. (1989 Cadillac Allanté shown in both pictures.)

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