Just when things were looking up…

Many companies decide to stop offering certain products for various reasons. In doing so, they almost invariably disappoint a portion of consumers. Through the years, auto manufacturers have been no exception.

Pontiac’s two-seater was cancelled in 1988. It was an unexpected and questionable move, particularly since the car was reported to have been profitable every year it was sold.

An American Exotic
One of my favorite cars has been the Pontiac Fiero. Since the 1986 GT and Formula models, I’d been a fan and it was disappointing to hear there would be no second generation.

However, that didn’t mean that work hadn’t already begun on a replacement. A couple of decades before the entire Pontiac division was terminated, their development of the next-generation Fiero appeared to be well underway for a 1989-90 model year release.

Proof of Hard Work and A Good Direction
Here are some photos of Pontiac’s stillborn second-generation Fiero.

This first set is of what was reportedly the base model. I have not been able to determine precisely what the thinking was behind the gold four-seater, but there was apparently serious consideration of a model with rear bucket seats and one or two were built. I have seen low quality photos of the interior and, although it looked cramped, the rear was said to be relatively comfortable, once inside.

The silver version is said to have been the planned base model replacement.

A Familiar Look
This following set of pictures is what was said to have been the planned GT model replacement. The car was potentially going to be renamed from GT to GTA, or possibly GTP due to its racing success.

Notice, other than a transparent-yet-tinted sail area on the roof’s aft portion (intended for improved visibility), the charcoal one is essentially the same as the red one (pictured below and to the right).

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